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Sunshine Available for Unity 5 Pro & Personal

Written by Tara
Friday, 6 March 2015

This week GDC has been in progress and a lot of good news has come from the Unity booth. On Tuesday the Unity 5 engine was completed and released. The most important thing to note from this besides all the amazing rendering and animation goodies is that graphics features are no longer limited to the Professional version. Unity 5 Personal (previously Unity Free) can now take advantage of shadows, deferred rendering, etc. This also means that Sunshine is available to all Unity 5 Personal developers.

We released Sunshine 1.7.0 yesterday to the Unity Asset Store and is a free update to everyone who has already purchased. With it comes a slew of fixes and a complete overhaul for Unity 5 which includes some major optimizations. We’re really happy to be able to bring Sunshine to a new group of developers.

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