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Our lightning-quick smoothly-animated application launcher. It is compatible with the most popular dock skin formats and now has Taskbar capabilities.

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Sunshine is a replacement for the realtime shadows in Unity Pro. It takes the look of your game to a whole new level with soft PCF filtering, overcast shadows, and volumetric lighting.

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Shadow Softener

Shadow Softener takes the Built-In shadows in Unity, and makes them Oh-So-Soft! This is especially awesome for Unity Free users stuck with Hard Shadows.

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This is our extention for Windows explorer to allow for plugin-based effects when you activate an icon on your Desktop or most other FolderView windows.

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This handy little web application lets you convert between PNG and ICO formats without losing any quality or downloading any software.

PNG to ICO and ICO to PNG


The Forest

An open world survival horror game developed for Windows with Endnight Games. Build, explore, survive in this terrifying first person survival horror simulator.

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