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OneTrick SIMIAN 1.1.0 Released

Published on Thursday, November 17th 2022 🔗

Update: Windows build had an issue and was reuploaded. If you already snagged the installer or archive, please redownload.

The holiday season is upon us and we've managed to get in a pretty sizable OneTrick SIMIAN update.


  • Change: UI refinements to reduce clutter.
  • Change: Alt-clicking Color and Icon buttons now resets to default
  • Fixed: Panning hard-right causes voice to sleep.
  • Fixed: Control label inconsistency for Tone/Noise across voices.
  • Fixed: Multithread buffer issue causing garbled audio.
  • Fixed: Increasing memory consumption from flooding the glyph cache.
  • Source: Refactored to use our new OneTrick shared core.
  • License: Changed OneTrickIcons font license to SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1
  • Updated Dplug to version 13.0.5
  • Updated Documentation:
    • Added a paragraph in “Overview” on how to modify and reset controls.
    • Fixed Windows install paths used “/” instead of “\” in "Using the Archive"

OneTrick SIMIAN 1.1.0 is a free update for existing users. The updated source code is also available on the project page.


Here's another installment of questions we've spotted around the audio community.

Q: Will there be iOS support for OneTrick SIMIAN?

A: We have no plans to offer OneTrick SIMIAN on iOS or iPadOS.

Q: What are OneTrick SIMIAN's dependencies on Linux?

A: OneTrick SIMIAN requires you to have a desktop environment and glibc 2.31 or greater. Basically if you are on par with Debian Stable, you're good to go.

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