Amouncing OneTrick KEYS

Published on Tuesday, March 12th 2024 🔗

It's been a crazy couple of years transitioning from video game to audio plugin development, lots of ups and downs, but I think we're really hitting our stride. Since releasing our lofi drum plugin URCHIN in November we've been hard at work on something to compliment it.

So here we go again!

OneTrick KEYS is a physically modeled piano synth with a chill lo-fi sound. We based it on this great vintage algorithm developed at Stanford in 1995 called "Commuted Piano Synthesis" and ran that through studio reverb, vinyl/tape noise, flutter, bitcrushing, and saturation. We've included 25 factory presets, and umm, we hope you all enjoy it!

Available now for $79 USD as a CLAP, VST3 and Audio Unit for Linux, Windows and macOS. It's open source under the GPLv3 (or later) for you to inspect, adapt, and learn from.