Another Site Move and Possible Downtime

Published on Friday, January 12th 2007 🔗

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our recent RocketDock betas we have out grown our current shared hosting, meaning we are taking up more than our fair share of resources. The last move we did was to a new package that included a tremendous bandwidth boost. Unfortunately the servers now can no longer handle our site's needed resources. Luckily we did purchase a dedicated server for other various projects. This will be Punk Software's new home as soon as we get everything set up. The main site will remain up and all downloads available, but the forums will remain down until the move is completed. If you are currently testing out the betas please hold on to your bug reports or language updates till we get everything back to normal.

Sorry for any inconvenience, there will be some main site downtime during the DNS update once the site is moved. We are hoping this won't take too long.