Back in Action

Published on Wednesday, July 27th 2005 🔗

Punk! Software has now been fully mirgrated to it's new server and all DNS updates have been finished. The site should now be fully back into swing. Forums are up and running, user registration back on its toes, and of course the bug tracker is always opened. RocketDock is available in its usual spot, so please be sure and check out our Projects section. We have also done some site updates.

These updates aren't going to be that noticable, but they did take some time to get working with our usual setup. The forums have been updated to a new version in order to increase speed and functionality. The members section of our site, which also controls registration and user profiles, has been updated to a new version to fix some bugs and other feature additions. So if you expeirence any issues please be sure and let us know about them. A lot of things changed internally on the site so it might not be perfect just yet.