Get Repulsive While You Still Can

Published on Tuesday, August 15th 2023 🔗

Update 2023-11-14: Repulsive is now removed from the App Store. We hope everyone that had a chance to get a copy enjoys it. Thanks for playing!

And another one bites the dust...

Emotions are high over here at Punk Labs HQ. A message came in from Apple expressing that another of our finished games will be removed from the App Store due to not being "updated within the last three years and doesn't meet a minimum download threshold" and is "scheduled to be removed from the App Store in 90 days." It is worth noting that the Apple App Store agreement does not specify these requirements.

We also had this happen to Raster Prime. Unfortunately we're not in the position to do a remake right now as we're in the middle of another audio plugin project.

We've made Repulsive free on the App Store for it's remaining 90 days. If you grab it in time you'll continue to have access to it after its removal.

We can't express how important game preservation is, so spread the word and leave a review. Games are art, and art is culture.