Help Out and Get Angry!

Published on Friday, September 2nd 2005 🔗

The tragedy of Hurricane Katrina has been handled with such disgusting incompetence by our administration that it is now up to us as citizens to pitch in and help. At the top of our site you will find a link to StormAID with information on how to help out financially. For more ways to help, including offering a place to sleep for those left homeless visit

Up until now Punk! Software has tried to remain politically neutral to avoid offending our users, however, the Bush administration has failed to provide food, water, or even means of evacuation for the victims. Because of this horrible display of inhumanity, along with the inhumanity of the war in Iraq, we will not stay quiet anymore.

In the future we will elaborate on our political stance but right now the victims of Hurricane Katrina NEED YOUR HELP. Don't just sit there, donate something to the relief effort!

This article marks a political turning-point for our little website. While we may openly voice our lefty views, we do not mean to offend any righties. Everyone is always welcome to comment on our articles or in the forums.