Kerflux is Coming to iOS

Published on Friday, August 5th 2016 🔗

It gives me great pleasure to introduce our second mobile game, Kerflux! We've come up with an experimental wave making puzzle game that is super simple and beautifully minimal. Come make waves with us on August 12th, available in the Apple App Store.

A little bit about Kerflux:

We've continued our tradition of retro style music, this time calling back to the Commodore 64 and Amiga gaming era. Keeping it calm and relaxing as you make your way through 99 stages of increasingly difficult wave combinations.

The biggest thing we're giving a try here is instead of having ads, or a straight up pay-for game, we're allowing you to decide how much Kerflux is worth. That's right, it's Pay-What-You-Want. We have different support levels as In-App Purchases. And yes, Free is totally an option.

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