Mambo Changes Direction

Published on Tuesday, August 23rd 2005 🔗

I am sure by the title of this news article you are wondering what this has to do with you or Punk! Software. Well, our site (and the very article you are reading) is powered by the Mambo Content Management System. Now I am not going to go into what a content management system is, so if you don't know please Google it, it is rather important to this article. Now to get you up to speed with what I am going to talk about. Mambo has been changing directions in both management and project platform. Please take the time to visit the following resources:

  • OpenSourceMatters - The core Mambo Development Team's fork site. This has their statement to the Mambo Community.
  • Ric Shreves - The Mambo Open Source Controversy - 20 Questions With Miro
  • ZDNet - Miro backflips on Mambo copyright

Please follow the read more link to see where Punk! Software stands and how it affects the site and users.

Now how does all this tie in with Punk! Software? As developers with a new site and no web development team we rely on free open source content managements systems to create our website from. Mambo has saved us both time and money as well as provide a safe and stable place for all our users to meet and download our own projects. We strongly stand behind the Mambo development teams decision to split off and create a fork. As soon as their first official release is available Punk! Software will update. With the understanding of our users, this will probably create down time in the future while we reconfigure our site and databases.

We urge all our friends, affiliates and users who are currently using Mambo to remove any links to MamboServer and Miro and replace them with links to OpenSourceMatters. Without this team mambo would have never existed. Free software is a gift and we should be thankful for their time and efforts.