Out of Bandwidth

Published on Wednesday, December 28th 2005 🔗

Well crap...Punk! Software just became a full fledged adult as far as sites go and our poor hosting can't cut it. It's looking like our wallets might not be able to either...We are currently on the look out for some good Virtual Dedicated/Dedicated Hosting with around a terabyte of traffic. Any suggestions/recommendations are welcome, please post any here. Until we get the site moved there will be some daily downtime until the site resets for the day as far as bandwidth goes. We'll do our best to get things running smoothly as fast as possible. Please just bare with us.

Update (12/31/2005):
YAY! For new years our web hosting just upped our allowed bandwidth! This means we don't have to rush into getting a new server for a little bit! Site downtime should not be happening at all due to bandwidth. So looks like we're saved for the time being.

Now I am gonna do a plug for our host since they have been so awesome! We are currently hosted with Servage. They have been completely amazing. During our growth we have tried many different hosting companies and finally reseted with them. When we discovered we were getting to big for Servage lots of thoughts ran through our head to try and keep them. So do give them a go if you are looking for some excellent hosting at reasonable pricing.