Punk Software HQ is Relocating

Published on Monday, November 6th 2006 🔗

While the site will stay the same PolyVector and I will be moving this month. In order to keep Punk Software going we've decided to relocate our head quarters (our apartment) to a cheaper location. Unfortunately this means the RocketDock release we had scheduled for this month is going to be delayed. The contest is still on and we can't wait to see what everyone has been working on. We do however, need everyone to help each other in the forums. We will not be able to respond as promptly as we'd like while we are in the moving process. Hopefully we can get back on track starting in December. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


Well, we have finished our move and are nicely snuggled in our new home. So hopefully we can get a new version of RocketDock banged out by the new year. We'll see how things go. Thanks to everyone who helped out in the forums while we were away. We hope the community continues to show the same helpful dedication as we continue developing our projects.