Punk! Software Lightens Up

Published on Saturday, November 12th 2005 🔗

Welcome to the lighter side of freeware. While our room remains dim as we hunch over our computers tediously searching for bugs through thousands of lines of code, we thought you might enjoy some light as you sit reading articles on Punk! Software. Now you can turn off that buzzing florescent lamp and enjoy a fresh hot Nerd right out of the Proliferator. So put your feet up and pass around an ice cold Bawls. This new design might just be here to stay!

Update (11/14/2005): It seems the forum RSS feed has been acting up a bit and we just caught it. Completely unrelated to the recent update, but we did get it fixed. Problem is anyone who is currently subscribing to the forum feed must now re-subscribe. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update (11/16/2005): Another forum issue was just brought to our attention, search was giving a nice error saying access was restricted for users and guests. That has now been fixed. Anyone should be able to search in the forums and use the links to see the relevant threads. We have also fixed the Site Search. It will search all content and forum posts. So please feel free to use that as well. Another quick addition is RSS/Atom/OPML links under the last news article on the front page for subscribing to our news syndicate. Live Bookmarks are enabled for those who have neat-o browsers.

Update (11/20/2005): Did some small updates around the site the last few days. The fav icon now matches. The link to us button also now matches, and we finally did some work on our logo. Hopefully people find it a little more readable.

Update (11/21/2005): Just updated the site to Joomla! 1.0.4 If you find any problems, links not working or other such issues, please report them to the Site Issues forum.

Update (11/25/2005): Updated our user profile system to Community Builder 1.0 RC2. If you find any issues registering, changing profile information or using our forums please contact us.