RocketDock 1.2.0 Released

Published on Monday, May 15th 2006 🔗

This is a huge release for us here at Punk Software. A lot of work has been done to RocketDock and we are very proud of how far it has come. So let's get down to what's happening in this version! Among the most noticeable changes are the brand spanking new icons, 16 new skins, full documentation, and ICO support. Yes, you heard that right, ICO support. No longer do you have to sit there converting all your ICO files to PNGs. Hopefully you all enjoy RocketDock as much as we've convinced ourselves you will. You can download the new version on the RocketDock Download Page, check out the new documentation, and of course take a peek at the changelog to see all the other neat things we have added and fixed.