RocketDock 1.2.0 Translation Deadline

Published on Monday, May 8th 2006 🔗

We are placing a deadline for all translations that will be included in the RocketDock 1.2.0 final release. If you are currently updating a translation, or would like to, we need all submissions to be placed by May 14th. We will be releasing the RocketDock 1.2.0 final on Monday the 15th. You can download the RocketDock beta in the forums and find instructions on submitting languages on the project localization page. If your language does not make it by the deadline it will have to wait for the next release to be included. If enough languages do not make the deadline we will release a small language update in June. However we do urge our translators to get their language updates in. This is a major RocketDock update.