Scheduled Forum Maintenance

Published on Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 🔗

This weekend we are going to be upgrading our forums to SMF 1.1RC3 as well as moving the entire forum over to our dedicated server. That means the forums will be down during the 26th and 27th of August, Pacific Standard Time. We doubt the move will take the entire weekend, but just in case something unforeseen happens we are giving the move a little extra time. The main site will remain up and functional during the whole process, so you can continue to download and use all our projects.


We are going to be performing the updates within the next 15 minutes of posting this. We also decided we are not going to make the move to the dedicated server just yet. This article will be updated when the maintenance is completed.

Final Update:

The forum update is now complete, everything should be as it once was. If you are experiencing any problems please be sure and let us know by either posting in the Site Comments section in the forums, or by contacting us via or email form. Thank you all for your patience.