Server Outage

Published on Sunday, July 29th 2007 🔗

We would like to apologize for the the six or so hours of downtime. Our dedicated server apparently was having some issues and unfortunately one of the down falls of having a company with only two people living together is we were both asleep, so no one who was able to fix it found out about it. We have been having little hiccups for awhile now and this was the last straw. We will be looking into our options of either upgrading or moving to a new dedicated server. Thanks for all your patience. There will be news as we get things rolling. Everything should now be up and running like normal.


We got things running smoothly finally. The server just needed some extra tweaking. For the past three days we have been monitoring to make sure down time is at a minimum if not completely non-existent. Thanks everyone for baring with us.