Published on Wednesday, October 5th 2005 🔗

Today, Skunkie and I were taking a good look at the site and decided it was too complicated. We decided to fix this with a number of steps to cut out useless parts of the site. First, we uninstalled every single module and addon that we aren't using in Jooomla! and the result was an instant boost in site performance! Second, we removed our file manager (Remository) and replaced it with a tiny script to list versions in a folder. Now downloading files is much easier for the users, and submiting new versions is easier on us developers. Third, we removed the chat script because if you don't know how to use IRC, you shouldn't be on an IRC server! We will put the connection info back up shortly so people can find the channel :)

Our ultimate plan for our new simplified site is to remove the bug tracker, and have our community use a standard full-featured forum like SMF. This will solve some of the confusion people have had with submitting bug fixes and discussing software improvments. It will also mean we can eventually appoint forum moderators to help us out in our ever-growing list of chores to do around the site.

We hope these changes will benefit the friendly community that has formed here at punksoftware :)