Simplify Continued...

Published on Friday, October 7th 2005 🔗

Okies we have gotten a TON of stuff optimized for the site as well as added some new things. And if you're wondering why this article looks different, it's because it does! The site changes list got way too big. So please check out the "Read more" link to view the entire list. And as I said before the list will probably grow for the next few days. Do keep a look out! Hope everyone enjoys the changes going on here.

Site Changes:

  • Updated to Joomla! 1.0.2
  • Got rid of Remository (File Manager for downloads) and replaced it with our own stream lined download script.
  • Removed the horrible bug tracker. Now you can submit bugs for our projects in the forums so we can all discuss what's going on.
  • Removed comments for news articles. No one was using them anyways...
  • We added a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to the footer (bottom) of our site. Please do go over those when you have a moment.
  • Removed the on-site chat. Wasn't being used anyway. You can always connect to us using your own IRC client (find connection info in the About Us page).
  • Removed the Realease notes pages. We will post the changelog in all release news articles and they have and will always be included in the release download.
  • Added a Support Us link to the main menu for those who love us enough to donate. :)
  • Edited the CSS for posts in the forum. Looks a tad better now.
  • Added a link to manage forum thread subscriptions in the User Menu. FINALLY!
  • A bunch of backend stuff that's boring.
  • Fixed our news Syndicate...Live Bookmarks was apparently off :( And now for browsers that support the articles (Like Safari and Opera) it should look a little better.
  • Fixed up the way the Member and Staff lists are displayed.
  • The site search now actually searches through all content and forum posts! We have been trying to ge that working for a bit now. SO GO NUTS!
  • Changed the ugly "No Image" avatar thingy for profiles as well as some other profile junk. SoOoOoOoooo, edit your profiles and be cool!
  • Registered users no longer see ads. :)
  • UberIcon PAD file has been updated.
  • Changed site character encoding to be UTF-8
  • Updated once more to Joomla! 1.0.3