Site Complications

Published on Tuesday, April 25th 2006 🔗

We are experiencing some issues with our current hosting. Some of you may have noticed the site was disabled for a period today. This may happen again. Our hosting has frozen our account for one reason or another. Because of this we cannot receive any emails through our contact form and our web applications (Converticon and the Nerd Proliferator) have been temporarily disabled until we work it out. Please excuse the inconvenience. The forums should be operational. We are not sure if the site will get disabled once more before we come to any resolution with our hosting company.


We have resolved the issues with our hosting. Due to the popularity and resources Converticon requires we no longer can afford to host our web applications. Everything else should be up and running normally. If you encounter any issues please visit the forums or send us a comment via the contact form.

You can find more informaition here.