Support Email

Published on Thursday, July 14th 2005 🔗

Our current hosting has decided to switch up their entire mailing system but didn't give an exact heads up, and the notice they did give was kind of misleading. Anyway, with the changes the support address for Punk! Software can no longer accept new emails or send any out. That means that any email you recieve from is completely generated and anything you send will not reach us. We are currently working on a solution.

Sorry for any inconvience this might cause.

We have also noticed that the same issue is occuring with We are working as fast as we can to figure out a solution or alternative.

Apparently our hosting is actually having a mailbox issue and should be worked out by tomorrow.

Update (7/15/05):
We have a temporary solution for our mail troubles. You may now continue to submit translations and support mail at the appropriate address. Thanks so much for your patience!