Underground Progress

Published on Saturday, March 8th 2008 🔗

The past six months have been full of changes for us here at Punk Labs. PolyVector and I have undergone a personal tragedy and our place of operation has moved from Arizona back to Southern California. In the midst of all the chaos we have been getting little bits of development done on our next project. While it might not be the RocketDock update everyone has been waiting for, it will bring us one step closer to getting one out. With the PHP framework almost complete for our upcoming move to web development we are almost ready to test an experimental version of our new bug tracker. While I cannot give out details right now this will take the place of our current tracker and help us provide support for our users. The new system will have better file attachments so users can get RocketDock debug files to us as well as localization files. Without these crucial features the next wave of RocketDock testing will be an extremely painful process for both us and those who will try to communicate issues in test builds. We appreciate how patient our users have been and please continue to post bugs in the current tracker.