Updates and a New Project Underway

Published on Sunday, April 22nd 2007 🔗

We have been very busy behind the scenes streamlining our development process and getting a new project started. I'll do a little break down so everyone knows where we are at right now.

First thing is what we have done with your donations. We took a long time debating what exactly we would do with the money all of you have so generously given to help further Punk Software projects, so of course we wanted to make sure every cent gets put to good use. And you should be happy to know we haven't spent it all just yet. Instead of dumping the whole shabang into one machine we thought using some of the money to upgrade a current machine would allow us to test on Windows easier. We purchased 2GB of RAM for our MacBook, a Windows Vista Ultimate license, as well as an application called Parallels Desktop. With the MacBook upgraded we can run Windows Vista perfectly as well as use Parallels to switch between any version of Windows we need for testing while allowing us to work in Mac OS X with ease. We still have plenty of funds remaining to perfect our development setup and cover server costs.

In the mean time we have been working on a new project in conjunction with Slime Culture. This is going to be our Nerd Proliferator reincarnate. Better parts, new name and some surprises we don't want to give away just yet. We'll have an announcement when we are ready for beta testing.