Current Projects


A pixael sci-fi mystery. A monolith was discovered dotted with obelisks emitting holographic glyphs. What could they mean? Enter the sequences to travel further into the unknown.

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A puzzle game making waves. Diabolically simple and beautifully minimal, slide waves until they match.

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An oddly addictive, and utterly adorable retro arcade adventure. Choose from many unlikely heroes and pit them against the elements. Test their endurance on an Endless journey, or send them on a quirky little Adventure.

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Old / Deprecated Stuff


Our lightning-quick smoothly-animated application launcher. It is compatible with the most popular dock skin formats and now has Taskbar capabilities.

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This handy little web application lets you convert between PNG and ICO formats without losing any quality or downloading any software.

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This is our extention for Windows explorer to allow for plugin-based effects when you activate an icon on your Desktop or most other FolderView windows.

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Past Collaborations


Astralis is a military science fiction shooter for XBLIG. Purge swarms of alien terrors, cross a vast landscape, judge deserters. Who will you punish? Who will you forgive?

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