Announcing OneTrick CRYPTID

Published on Tuesday, April 25th 2023 🔗

We've had this idea kicking around in our heads for a long time now, what if a Yamaha DX7 could be a drum machine? And because we couldn't help ourselves, we had to add in the twist that this drum machine could come in the form of the most ubiquitous of drum machines, the Roland TR-808. Crazy? Maybe.

OneTrick CRYPTID is the culmination of our weird fantasy FM drum synthesizer idea packaged up as a CLAP, VST3 or Audio Unit for Linux, Windows and macOS. We designed our own DX7 emulator, which each of the 18 unique sounds uses. And before you even have to ask, of course we included a reverse cymbal. We're not monsters. The big notable features are Chromatic MIDI Channels and Multi-Out. So you can play a singular voice across an entire keyboard chromatically and have it on its own output bus for further effects processing and mixing separate from other voices. It's available right now for $35 USD, along with the source code for you to inspect, adapt, and learn from under the GPLv3 (or later).