Check Out OneTrick SIMIAN, Our First Audio Plugin

Published on Tuesday, September 20th 2022 🔗

Ready for something different? We sure are. Developing games has been an interesting experience, but we never quite felt like we fit in. Don't worry, this isn't a tale of woe or feeling sorry for ourselves. We enjoyed the hell out of the ride and made games we are very proud of. Hearing people's stories of how they perceived our experiments was inspiring. The time has come though for us to try something new.

If you've been a fan of ours for as long as we've been banging at these keyboards professionally, then you know our passions have been gaming and music. Well, we've done gaming. Can you guess what's next?

While creating soundtracks, and writing music in general, we've come across the need for many different kinds of tools. If you sound design or compose you have your DAW and all your favorite plugins. We found ourselves in need of a drum synthesizer reminiscent of a certain hexagonal 80s icon. Now there are a couple out there that emulate it, but they didn't support our platform. So, we thought it was time we tried our hand at making one.

Let's get on with it, here's OneTrick SIMIAN, an open source cross-platform drum synthesizer with highly customizable voices, great dynamics, filter sweeps, saturation, and drive. All packaged up in a single interface so you can adjust each parameter quickly while playing. We included a lofi EPROM waveform for classic cymbals and 33 preset kits to get things grooving. Toss it in your DAW using VST3 or an audio unit on Linux, Windows, or Mac. What's it gonna cost you? $35 USD.

Yes, we absolutely did say [OT] SIMIAN is open source. We're releasing it under the GPLv3 (or later) for anyone to be able to inspect and learn from. Our reasons for doing this has been due to our own brick walls we've hit in the past when a product we've purchased and come to rely on stopped working, went out of development, or didn't support a platform. This will help provide a guaranteed availability long after regular development has stopped. Bottom line is we wanted to put you in control of your software.

Head on over to the [OT] SIMIAN page and allow all that marketing goodness to wash over you, hear it in action, support your favorite weird indie devs, and put some drums in your tracks!