OneTrick SIMIAN 1.0.1 Released

Published on Monday, October 3rd 2022 🔗

We're pushing out a small update to our drum synth, OneTrick SIMIAN, that addresses a few issues and brings wider compatibility to Linux.


  • Changed: Reduced glibc requirement for broader compatibility
  • Fixed: Bitwig faded notes after momentary silence
  • Fixed: Faded first note after plugin load
  • Fixed: Dull sound above 48kHz samplerate
  • Fixed: Potential crash when clicking elements (Dplug 12.7.21)
  • Updated Dplug to version 12.7.21
  • Updated Documentation:
    • Added Windows Uninstaller details
    • Added Changelog section

OneTrick SIMIAN 1.0.1 is a free update for existing users. The updated source code is also available on the project page.


Quickly addressing the questions we've been seeing a lot.

Q: Does OneTrick SIMIAN have Multi Channel or Multi Bus Out?

A: No, currently [OT] SIMIAN does not support Multi Channel Out. It is something we're hoping to add in the future.

Q: Why do you charge for OneTrick SIMIAN when it is an open source project?

A: It's actually the other way around. We've open sourced a commercial product. Think of it like a bakery sharing their recipe.

Q: Are you going to put OneTrick SIMIAN's source up on GitHub or GitLab?

A: Not now. We want to keep our git repository and issue tracker in house.

Q: Are files missing in OneTrick SIMIAN's source package, cannot find 'std/math/trigonometry.d'?

A: 'trigonometry.d' is part of phobos, make sure you have LDC 1.30.0.

Known Issues

Bitwig displays Error loading files 'No plugin found in file with subpath...'

Bitwig's auto plugin scanning in rare instances caches while plugins are still being installed. It can be fixed by clearing Bitwig's plugin cache manually. Detailed instructions can be found on Bitwig's Technical Support site.

Support Reminder

When encountering issues with OneTrick SIMIAN, either with the plugin or compiling the source, just send us an email. This includes feature requests and feedback.