OneTrick SIMIAN 1.0.2 Released

Published on Tuesday, October 18th 2022 🔗

We've got a tiny, but mighty, update for our SDS-V inspired drum synth, OneTrick SIMIAN bringing in multithreading optimizations.


  • Optimized: DSP is now multithreaded with each voice running in parallel.
  • Changed: DSP now uses FastMath without hand-editing. This should help with custom builds.
  • Updated Dplug to version 12.8.3

OneTrick SIMIAN 1.0.2 is a free update for existing users. The updated source code is also available on the project page.


Gathering up the questions we've seen around the audio community.

Q: Is there a demo version of OneTrick SIMIAN?

A: No, OneTrick SIMIAN is not available in a "Demo" or "Lite" version. If you are looking for that iconic SDS-V sound, we hope our Sound Samples and User Guide show you what [OT] SIMIAN is capable of.

Q: What is the minimum macOS requirement for OneTrick SIMIAN?

A: OneTrick SIMIAN currently supports Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and newer.

Q: How do you create reproducible builds (?) with OneTrick SIMIAN?

A: Currently OneTrick SIMIAN's tool chain does not create reproducible builds, but it is something we're looking into with the help of the community.

Q: Why is the OneTrick SIMIAN LV2 plugin currently not for sale?

A: In our testing many LV2 host implementations appear to have thread safety issues when changing automatable parameters from a GUI. This is particularly likely to trigger a crash when cycling through OneTrick SIMIAN's kit presets. Until the situation improves, we don't feel comfortable offering an LV2 build.