OneTrick SIMIAN 2.0.0 Released

Published on Tuesday, May 28th 2024 🔗

This is a complete rewrite that brings new functionality and minimum system requirements. Previous sessions will not be compatible, but it can be installed along side version 1.x.


  • Added: CLAP plugin format
  • Added: Multi-out Buses
  • Added: Preset saving, editing, and tagging
  • Added: Chromatic MIDI Channels
  • Added: Pitch wheel controls decay
  • Added: Mod wheel controls filter cutoff
  • Added: Plugin now saves last state
  • Added: VU meter
  • Added: Fully keyboard navigable
  • Change: Reverb using Zita-Rev1
  • Change: Reverb Decay renamed to Size
  • Change: Using NIH-plug framework
  • Change: Using Steinberg Audio Unit Wrapper (vst3sdk 3.7.11)
  • Fixed: Tom drums are now mapped correctly according to General MIDI
  • Removed: Voice icon and color controls
  • Updated Minimum System Requirements:
    • Windows 10
    • macOS 10.13
    • OpenGL 2.0
  • Updated Installer: Using Qt Installer Framework for Windows and Linux (QtIFW 4.6.1)
  • Updated Documentation:
    • Added: New sections "Basic Navigation", "Audio Bus Layouts", "Chromatic MIDI Channels". "Chromatic MIDI Map", "Multi-Out Channel Map" and "Support".
    • Change: Updated "Supported Platforms"
    • Change: Updated screenshots
    • Change: Updated framework and plugin format logos
    • Change: "Installing" section now reflects new install locations.
    • Change: "Voice Section" renamed to "Kit"
    • Change: "Preset Selector" section renamed to "Preset Browser" and now expanded to cover the new features.
    • Change: "MIDI Map" now includes pitch and mod wheel controls.
    • Change: "Notices" section now only relevant to documentation.
    • Fixed: Header and paragraph formatting issues.
    • Removed: "Visual Controls" section

OneTrick SIMIAN 2.0.0 is a free update for existing users. The updated source code is also available on the project page.